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As featured in the LA Times, KROQ, KTLA, the Napa Valley Register, Deccan Herald and others. Read the LA Times article!


In an effort to find and spread a little joy while feeling trapped in quarantine, we decided to turn our fence into a neighborhood museum of arts, crafts, and found cool stuff.

To start, we hung a sign encouraging other folks to post what they wanted, a watercolor, two old relief studies, and a “pup self examination station” (read: mirror with doodles on it).

In the first two days, the relief studies fell, were ruined in a puddle, and the pup self-examination station was stolen. No one posted anything.

But slowly, people started posting their own pieces.  There was an invitation from a neighbor to pick lemons off her tree, accompanied by a fabulous crayon drawing.  Then, someone posted a likeness of a neighborhood coyote, fashioned from an egg crate. A prolific twelve year old began posting weekly drawings.


We now have over 75 pieces on the wall, with everything from poetry, thank you notes, and paintings, to sculpture, collages, and even an evening light show.  

Follow us on Instagram! @museumofquarantineonquebec

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