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Ann Morrow Johnson is an architect and artist focused on the emotional experience of spaces: design through the intersection of narrative worldbuilding, experience, and placemaking based on human scale.

As an accomplished creative director, she combines a deep understanding of architecture and design with business acumen to envision and create unique experiences that immerse, engage, and excite guests from all over the world. A speaker and thought leader on experience design, she has creatively led many projects at Walt Disney Imagineering.

Her work has won several awards, been shown in various exhibits and appeared in multiple publications, including the LA Times and The Classicist.  She has spoken at fan conventions, conferences, universities, and large media events.

Ann Morrow graduated magna cum laude from Washington University in St. Louis. She then received a combined M. Arch & MBA from the Yale School of Architecture and the Yale School of Management.  She is a licensed architect in the state of California.

Check out a couple of speaking engagements on youtube!

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